Our Goal.

To integrate billing and invoicing with automated products.

Your benefits.

More control, more security, and more transparency.

Fabillio is a software development team based in Malta that’s building products to simplify invoicing and billing for businesses.

Your business grows as fast as its slowest component

Many startups don’t think about a billing solution until it’s too late. This leads to manual work or a patchwork of import and export processes instead of an easy flow of operations enabling you to handle things on time. Using a patchwork of generic apps only makes their process more cumbersome and prone to communication and security issues.

Changing Business.
One transaction at a time

We work with companies in Scandinavia, Germany and the Netherlands; simplifying their processes by building products that digitise and streamline billing and invoicing flows​.

Are you the right match for our team?

We are constantly looking for the right people⁠ — with the right talents ⁠— to become part of our team and help our partners solve their biggest invoicing and billing challenges.

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